What to expect

On your Skydive Adventure

Skydive SPI has been in business in South Padre Island since 2010. Over that time we have developed a reputation for safety and providing once in a lifetime jump experiences. Here are some standard things that we offer to everyone who choose to skydive with us;

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We specialize in tandem skydives. A tandem skydive involves jumping with a partner. In our case this partner is an experienced skydive instructor. They will be there with you to ensure that you have a safe skydive and are in the best frame of mind to have a thrilling experience!

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We have the best skydiving instructors in the business – our instructors are world record holders and national champions and have all logged thousands of skydives. The bottom line is that you will be guided through your jumping experience by some of the best in the business anywhere in the world!

Top quality skydiving equipment – from helmets, jumpsuits to parachute canopies, we provide absolutely the best quality equipment for all aspects of your jump.

Experience the Thrill of Skydiving


Skydiving is not something that you will do every day and we highly recommend that you capture the moment on video to share with your friends and family! Our Videographers are incredibly meticulous and will capture all the screaming moments for you on an edited video. You will also get up to 60 digital photographs as added value with your video package. Add video for only $100 more!

Our Process

Get Your Dive on $230 per person

Your first step in enjoying the spectacle of skydiving over South Padre Island is to make your reservation. We recommend that you reserve in advance to secure the specific date that you desire. After making the reservation, the next step is to get to the beautiful Island and to our office, where you will meet up with your courteous instructor. As your excitement level builds, you will be fitted with your harness and then transported to the Brownsville Airport where you board your waiting aeroplane and then off you go over the alluring Island to heights of over 11000 feet, you are now at the point of no return! Your experience now turns surreal when your instructor tells you to start hooking up and before you know it, you are flying through open air at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour! Is this a dream? Before you can confirm this, you are nudged back to reality by your instructor advising you to pull! You are now gliding over South Padre Island and realizes that you are officially a skydiver! You have done it!


No matter when you choose to visit the beautiful South Padre Island, we are open to serve you. We are available to take you jumping throughout the year, weather permitting. So do not hesitate to give us a call!

Make Your Reservation Today!

The cost is only $230.00 per person!

Add photo and video package for $100.

Call 956-744-JUMP (5867).